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Help Shape BC's Tourism Workforce of the Future

Why Get Involved?

Labour shortages are coming back and this is an opportunity to work together with go2HR and your industry peers to make positive changes to better prepare the industry and your business. Here are a few more reasons:

  • Share your knowledge and learn from industry colleagues
  • Inspire others to consider a career in tourism (and an opportunity to recruit for your company!)
  • Give back to the industry
  • Ensure your region and/or your sector has a voice 
  • Network and meet industry peers
  • Professional development
  • Experience to add to your resume
  • Be recognized for your participation
  • Have fun!

Additionally, by participating on our board, committees, research projects or in other ways, you will learn more about go2HR and the many resources and programs that we offer that can help your business, career search or educational pursuits.

Opportunities to Participate

Following are the positions currently available grouped by program area. Please visit each page for detailed information about these roles and to express your interest in participating.

Industry Health & Safety:

  • Ski Hill Technical Advisory Committee
  • Hotel Technical Advisory Committee
  • Foodservices Technical Advisory Committee
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program Participants
  • Internal Auditor Training Participants

Industry Workforce Development/Research:

  • Tourism Career Awareness Program (TCAP) Speakers' Bureau

Share Your Success:

  • Employer HR Success Stories
  • Employees First Award
  • Career Profiles – Share your career success story

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