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Facts about Tourism Jobs in British Columbia

British Columbia's tourism industry ranks as one of the province's largest economic sectors in terms of employment and revenue, directly employing 127,500 people and generating a $14.6 billion1 in visitor revenues in 2014.

Following is a snapshot of BC’s tourism workforce and projections for skilled tourism workers required over the next decade to support the industry’s growth:

  • Based on industry growth patterns BC's tourism industry will need 97,000 more skilled workers in the next decade², that's an average of one new job every hour for the next 10 years
  • Tourism accounts for more than 127,500 direct jobs in British Columbia1
  • Workers needed by 2020 by sector are as follows: 42,000 new workers for Food and Beverage Services; 16,000 new workers for Accommodation Services; 14,000 for Transportations; 20,000 for Recreation and Entertainment; 5,000 new workers for Travel Services2
  • By 2020 the following positions will see the most demand: 8,900 more professional chefs and cooks, 5,800 new managers and supervisors for the Food and Beverage Sector, and 1,500 more managers for the Accommodation sector, and 3,100 more leaders in the outdoor recreation sector2
  • In addition to generating revenue for British Columbian businesses and creating employment, the tourism industry returns approximately $825 million to the provincial treasury in the form of consumption taxes every year1

¹ Destination BC "The Value of Tourism in British Columbia", 2014
Roslyn Kunin and Associates report titled: Tourism and Hospitality Industry Labour Demand and Supply Projections, Nov 2011

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