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Press Releases

Mar 2018 Island Lake Lodge Wins 2018 Employees First Award
Mar 2018 BCIT Named Winner of the 2018 Tourism Student Case Competition
Jan 2018 go2HR Welcomes Dorothy Easton to Lead Analysis of Employment-Related Policy and Impacts on BC Tourism Labour Market
Nov 2017 go2HR Demonstrates Excellent Commitment to Workplace Safety with COR Certification
July 2017 go2HR Welcomes Marie-Ève Masse to Promote Jobs and Careers in BC’s Tourism Industry
May 2017  go2HR Welcomes Arun Subramanian to Lead Tourism Industry HR Initiatives
Feb 2017 Winners Announced for 2017 Employees First Award and Customer Service Award in Tourism
Feb 2017 Royal Roads University Named Winner of the 2017 Winning Pitch Competition
Jan 2017 New Safety Certification Program Available for Small Tourism & Hospitality Employers in BC
Jan 2017 go2HR's Industry Health & Safety Specialists Designated to Tourism Regions in BC
Sept 2016 go2HR Welcomes Industry Health & Safety Specialist
Jul 2016 Tourism Industry “On the Road” to Recruit Baby Boomers for Casual / Part-time Jobs
Jul 2016 go2HR Welcomes New Board Members
Jul 2016 2017 WorkSafeBC Base Rates Reduced for BC Tourism & Hospitality
Mar 2016 Regional HR Specialist Hired to Tackle Local Tourism Labour Market Challenges in the Thompson Okanagan Region
Dec 2015 go2HR Welcomes Interim Health and Safety Program Manager
Nov 2015 go2HR Appoints Two New Team Members
Oct 2015 Sun Peaks Resort Wins 2015 Employees First Award
May 2015 go2HR Appoints Two New Managers
Apr 2015 Residence Inn by Marriott Wins 2014 Employees First Award
Mar 2014 go2hr Launches ‘Leadership 2 Go’ Free Online Training for Front-Line Team Leaders
Mar 2014 go2hr Welcomes Zito Kare To Industry Health And Safety Program
Dec 2013 BC's Tourism Industry a Land of Opportunity for Canadian Workers
Nov 2013 Thompson Okanagan Region Poised for Tourism Job Growth with More Than 12,000 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC - Thompson Okanagan
Oct 2013 Kootenay Rockies Region Poised for Tourism Job Growth with More Than 3,000 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC - Kootenay Rockies
Oct 2013 Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Region Poised for Tourism Job Growth with More Than 3,300 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC - Cariboo Chilcotin Coast
Oct 2013 Vancouver, Coast & Mountains Region Poised for Tourism Job Growth with More Than 70,000 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC - Vancouver, Coast & Mountains
Oct 2013 Northern BC Region Poised for Tourism Job Growth with Nearly 4,000 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC - Northern BC
Sept 2013 Vancouver Island Region Poised for Tourism Job Growth with Nearly 15,000 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC - Vancouver Island
Sept 2013 BC’s Tourism Industry Poised for Job Growth with More Than 100,000 New Job Openings
Backgrounder - Fast Facts: Tourism Labour Market Strategy for BC
Aug 2013 White Spot the First BC Restaurant to Achieve Health & Safety Certification


Nov 2012 Ziptrek Ecotours Wins Employees First Award 2012
Oct 2012 Welcome to the new go2hr.ca
Jun 2012 BC Tourism Industry to Create 101,000 New Job Openings by 2020
Mar 2012 Canadian Government Outlines Immigration System Updates as Part of Economic Action Plan 2012



Dec 2011 Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe First Tourism Business in Victoria to Receive COR Certification
Nov 2011 go2 Welcomes Keith Baker to Lead its Marketing & Communications Strategy
Oct 2011 Panorama Mountain Village Wins Employees First Award 2011
Oct 2011 go2 Welcomes Michael Guzmicky to Manage the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program
Sept 2011 Greywolf Golf Course Hits Hole-in-One with its Health and Safety Program
Aug 2011 Tourism Human Resource Action Plan Project Update
Aug 2011 go2 Welcomes Kim Campbell to Lead Industry Human Resource Development Programs
Jul 2011 Canadian Tourism Industry Compensation Study Released
Jun 2011 Olympic Legacy Funds Pilot To Accelerate Inclusion Of People With Disabilities In BC's Tourism, Hospitality Workplaces
Mar 2011 Dirty Harry Stars in New Program for BC Sport Fishing Guides
Jan 2011 Tourism Businesses First to Receive New Industry 'COR' Certification That Aims to Create Safer Workplaces



Dec 2010 New Tidal Angling Guide Certification Program Launched
Nov 2010 go2 Partners with Vancouver Attractions Group to Highlight Career Opportunities in the Sector
Oct 2010 White Spot Wins 2010 'Employees First' Award
Oct 2010 go2 Announces New Director and Manager Appointed to Lead Industry Workforce Development Initiatives
Oct 2010 go2 Celebrates Canada's Healthy Workplace Month with a New Tourism Industry Health and Safety Program and Resources
Jul 2010 go2 Announces 2010-2011 Board of Directors
Jun 2010 go2's 2010 Olympic Legacy Project Shows Discrepancy Between Expectations and Reality
Apr 2010 Minister Kevin Krueger Celebrates B.C.'s New Cook Apprenticeship Program
Mar 2010 go2 Recognizes Outstanding Tourism Professionals for "Gold Medal Service" during the 2010 Games
Jan 2010 Opportunities Still Available to Work and Volunteer during the 2010 Winter Games



Sept 2009 go2 and the Sport Fishing Institute of BC Announce Pilot for New Tidal Angling Guide Training Program
Aug 2009 go2, New OH&S Division Welcomes Michele Priddy
Jul 2009 go2 Announces 2009-2010 Board of Directors
Jul 2009 go2 Welcomes Terry Bertram to Coordinate and Develop New Certifcate of Recognition (COR) Program
Jun 2009 go2 Advises Vancouver Island Tourism Industry to Prepare for Future Labour Shortages
Jun 2009 go2 Announces 2009 Tourism Week Photo Contest Winner
Apr 2009 go2 Says Thanks to All TCAP Volunteer Speakers
Apr 2009 go2 Bursaries Help Students Pursue Tourism and Hospitality Careers
Apr 2009 go2 Welcomes Robert Clark as Manager, Occupational Health & Safety to Head Up New Division
Feb 2009 Grouse Mountain Resort Wins 2009 'Employees First' Award
Feb 2009 go2 Partners with National Golf Course Owners Association to Promote Career Opportunities in the Golf Industry
Jan 2009 Tourism and Hospitality Industry Programs Set to Help Improve Health and Safety at Work



Nov 2008 go2 Welcomes Joyce Lam as New Communications and Marketing Specialist
Nov 2008 B.C. Tourism Industry Still Short Workers Despite Global Economic Woes
Oct 2008 Propel, ITA Announce Modified Provincial Cook Training Program
Aug 2008 go2 Turns to Recruiting 2.0 to Help Employers
Jul 2008 go2 Welcomes Tania Loken as New emerit Coordinator
Jun 2008 go2 Announces New Board of Directors
Jun 2008 New Customer Service Manager Appointed for Propel
Jun 2008 Tourism Week Photo Contest Winner Announced
May 2008 New Manager Appointed for go2's Industry HR Division
Apr 2008 Construction and Tourism Industries Build an "All in the Family" Solution to Ease Labour Shortage Issues
Mar 2008 Employees First Award Nominees Make Employee Retention a Top Priority
Feb 2008 The Exploration Place Museum and Science Centre Wins 2008 'Employees First' Award
Feb 2008 Dennis Green Awarded BC Chefs' Fred Naso Award
Jan 2008 PROPEL™ to Help Skilled-labour-starved Hospitality Industry by Putting More Credentialed Workers into the Marketplace



Nov 2007 Kootenay Rockies Tourism Implements Plan to Tackle Staff Shortage Issues
Nov 2007 go2's Industry Training Division Gets Cooking with Addition of Chef Dennis Green
Nov 2007 Bonjour Parisian. Voulez-vous couchez en BC?
Oct 2007 Changes to the Canada-Australia Working Holiday Program
Oct 2007 New Director Appointed for go2's Industry Training Division
Sep 2007 Improvements to The Temporary Foreign Worker Program will Help BC Tourism Employers Fill Labour Shortages
Jul 2007 Advisory Committee Appointed For go2's New Industry Training Division
Jun 2007 Canadian Tourism Industry Compensation Study Released
Jun 2007 go2 Announces New Board of Directors
Jun 2007 Kootenay Rockies Region Faces a 20% Deficit Of Tourism Workers
Jun 2007 go2 Announces Canada's Tourism Week Photo Contest Winner
May 2007 go2 Appoints Jeff Fielding As Director, Industry Training For New Tourism Industry Training Division
Apr 2007 Government, Industry Launch New Serving It Right™ Program
Apr 2007 go2 Bursaries Help Tourism Students Seeking Employment in High-Growth Occupations
Feb 2007 MOVE ON UP "Work the Dream" Contest Winners Chosen
Feb 2007 Tigh-Na-Mara Resort Wins 2007 ‘Employees First’ Award
Feb 2007 Employees First-The Essential HR Guide for Tourism Operators Released



Dec 2006 go2 Designated as the 'Industry Training Organization' for BC Tourism
Nov 2006 'go2 the top' Awards Recognize Excellent Employers in BC Tourism: Garibaldi Lift Company and Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort win 2006 Awards
Nov 2006 Tourism Labour Market Research Project Kicks Off In Kootenay Rockies
Sep 2006 go2 Partners with Canada West Ski Areas Association to Address Labour Shortages in the Snowsports Industry
Sep 2006 Careers in the Snowsports Industry the Focus of go2's Fall MOVE ON UP Campaign
Jul 2006 go2 Announces New Board of Directors
Jul 2006 go2 Sponsors Foreign Worker Forum
Jun 2006 Report: Local Labour Market Supply Not Sufficient to Support Tourism Industry Growth In Sea-To-Sky Region
Apr 2006 go2 Moving to New Downtown Vancouver Location
Mar 2006 BC's Tourism Colleges and Institutes Back go2's MOVE ON UP Campaign
Mar 2006 go2 Congratulates Winners of Culinary and Hospitality Management Bursaries
Feb 2006 Rocky Mountaineer Vacations Wins 2006 "Employees First" Award
Feb 2006 BC's Tourism Industry Launches Recruitment Drive
Feb 2006 working.com and go2 Support Growing Tourism Sector With New Job Tools
Feb 2006 BC's Tourism Industry Launches Recruitment Drive
Feb 2006 BC Tourism Employers Have Trouble Recruiting Qualified, Experienced Employees



Dec 2005 Tourism Labour Market Research Project Kicks Off in Sea-to-Sky Corridor
Nov 2005 Delta Whistler Village Suites and Mayfield Consulting Canada Inc. Win 2005 go2 the top Employer Excellence Awards
Jul 2005 Survey Finds 41% of BC Tourism Employers Having Trouble Recruiting Qualified, Experienced Employees Vital to Running Their Businesses
Jun 2005 go2 Elects Five New Directors to Board
May 2005 Hotel Held Liable for Drunk Driving Accident Could This Happen To Your Business?
Apr 2005 Western Canadian Tourism Industry Compensation Survey Released
Apr 2005 go2 Receives Provincial Funding to Help Launch BC Tourism Career Awareness Campaign
Mar 2005 go2 is Pleased to Announce the Delta Vancouver Airport as Winner of the "Employees First" Award
Feb 2005 go2 Awards Bursaries to Culinary, Hospitality Management Students



Dec 2004 The Coast Plaza Hotel and Suites in Vancouver Wins 'go2 the top' Award
Nov 2004 go2 is Pleased to Announce The Appointment of Debbie Yule as Program Manager
Sep 2004 go2 Welcomes New Chair of the Board
Sep 2004 go2 Announces New Scholarship Program
Sep 2004 go2, Tourism Operators to Represent Industry on New Consortium to Help Tourism and Hospitality Industry Prepare for 2010
Jun 2004 New Poll Pegs Tourism as BC's Largest Contributor of Jobs and Economic Activity in the Future
Jun 2004 go2 Elects New Board of Directors
Jun 2004 go2 Appoints Marketing Manager
Apr 2004 BC Tourism Industry Releases Wage and Benefits Study
Feb 2004 BC Tourism Industry Launches Plan to Attract, Retain and Train More Workers



Jul 2003 British Columbia's New Tourism Human Resource Organization Elects New Board; Adds Two Key Staff
Jun 2003 go2 Adds Two Key HR Professionals
Jun 2003 go2 Elects New Board of Directors
Apr 2003 A New Private-Sector Tourism Industry Organization - go2 - is Unveiled as Part of a 5-Year Human Resources Action Plan Announced Today



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