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Employees First Award

This award recognizes a British Columbia tourism employer who has upheld high standards of excellence in human resources and people management practices.

Companies can be self-nominated or can be nominated by other companies or agencies. Nominators are also encouraged to enclose supporting documentation and samples that may be relevant to their nomination. Please address the following points on your nomination submission:

  • What are your most effective HR/people management practices in each of the following areas: 1) Recruitment; 2) Retention; and 3) Training?
  • How have your HR practices helped you to recruit and retain staff? Please provide as many quantifiable indicators as possible, such as turnover rates, retention rates, customer satisfaction survey results, and employee satisfaction survey results.

Why Apply? Award Winners Enjoy:

  • Stellar Staff - attract success-minded people; the best want to work for the best
  • Market Exposure - reinforce to clients, loyal and new, that they have picked the best
  • Industry Status - be respected as a leader in the field and an expert on the issues
  • Increased Brand Recognition - it's all eyes on you through positive media attention
  • Increased Sales - corporate award winners typically experience 37% more sales growth than the competition according to a recent study
  • Better Business Relationships - financial institutions and suppliers place a high value on companies that are succeeding

The 2018 nominations have closed. Check back for the 2019 nominations!

Learn more about past winners:

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