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Government Programs That Help You Find New Employees

The Federal and Provincial Governments have created programs that help bridge the gap between people receiving social assistance with businesses looking for employees.  As you participate in these initiatives, your business becomes part of the solution — helping more people contribute to the economy while building your business at the same time. A win-win situation for everyone.

Provincial programs

The Employment Program of BC (EPBC) is the ministry’s new one-stop employment program that will replace the current range of employment supports and services in the province. WorkBC now provides services to job seekers and employers in various locations across the province.  Services include self-serve job search services, client needs assessment, case management and other employment service options, to prepare for, find and maintain sustainable employment.

To find WorkBC Employment Services Centres in your community, click here. For more information regarding this initiative please visit: www.workbc.ca.

There are also several non-ministry funded employment programs and services that may be available to eligible clients.

Federal programs

Federally-based programs focus on Employment Insurance (EI) recipients. These initiatives help them find useful work and on-the-job experience. As well, through subsidy programs, you can receive assistance to hire individuals that qualify.

Targeted Wage Subsidies

This federal program offers funds to businesses that want to hire new employees — but do not have the financial means to do so.

As a tourism operator, you can apply to receive these wage subsidies. This opportunity helps you fill a needed job in your business, plus you give an employee valuable work experience. One such subsidy is the Canada Summer Jobs Program (CSJ). The program provides a wage subsidy for employers in the not-for-profit, public and private small-business sectors who create summer jobs for full-time students.

For more information on the other programs currently offered, click here.

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