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International Mobility Programs

Hiring international mobile youth is a good alternative to address your labour needs. The Canadian government has a bilateral agreement with over 30 countries allowing the exchange of youth to work and/or study abroad. They do not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and youth can apply for a work permit through local embassies without the employer’s involvement.

There are three types of permits that are collectively part of the International Experiences Canada for young international workers, including:  Working Holiday Permit (WHP), Young Professional Permit (YPP) and International Co-op Permit (ICP).

  1. Working Holiday Permit offers a limited number of temporary work permits through Canadian embassies each year for foreigners, between the ages of 18 and 30 or 35. Young people from the affiliated countries may participate in the program one or two times, depending on their nationality. These permits are ‘open’, meaning they are not employer specific, and are issued for 12-24 month periods. They can be a great way for employers to fill peak season labour demands.
  2. Young Professionals Permit is issued for a 12-24 month for young professionals aged 18-30 or 35 who are interested in gaining international professional work experience in their field. Applicants are required to hold a signed offer of employment or contract made by a Canadian employer before applying for the permit. Employment must typically be in the workers area of expertise (degree or work experience related). Young Professional Permits are employer-specific, meaning the applicant may only work for the specified employer.
  3. International Co-op Permit (Internship) offers qualifying students the opportunity to gain valuable international work experience related to their field of study. Permits are employer-specific and issued for 6-24 months depending on the applicant’s nationality.

Learn More about these International Experiences Canada programs.

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