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Industry Overview

British Columbia’s tourism industry continues to grow with $17.0 billion in revenue generated in 2016, a 7.9% increase over 2015.

Some would say that the secret to BC’s success lies in its stunning natural beauty. But there’s more to it than that! British Columbia is building a reputation for great tourism attractions and destinations.

From zip trekking to hot stone spas and culinary tourism, British Columbia’s tourism businesses are giving the province’s 5.7 million overnight visitors a very special experience.

But with more than 19,000 tourism-related businesses, six tourism regions and a geographical area of almost one million square kilometres, navigating BC’s tourism industry can be a challenge.

In this section you’ll find in-depth information about new industry trends and information to help you find your way around British Columbia’s tourism industry.

All indications point to this decade as being a period of growth for the tourism and hospitality industry. For more information about Tourism Industry labour market statistics, hot jobs and areas of growth please visit, Tourism Labour Market Growth.

Visit Destination British Columbia for research, regulations and other useful information about the tourism industry in British Columbia.

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