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Industry Development & Resources

British Columbia has become a world-class tourism destination. Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler and other cities across the province are consistently ranked among the world’s Top 10 destinations for visitors.

The tourism industry in BC remains in good economic shape, fueled by a competitive business climate, industry innovators and access to valuable resources.

If we were to take a snapshot of the tourism industry in British Columbia, it would look like this:

  • Constitutes 290,600 jobs
  • Generates $17 billion in revenues annually
  • Top employers within tourism are Food & Beverage, Recreation & Entertainment, and Accommodation
  • Made up of small- to medium-sized businesses: 93 per cent of firms have fewer than 50 employees, and 35 per cent have between one and four.

Industry Development Resources

Industry Development organizations in BC recognize that the tourism industry is mostly made up of small businesses. The approach then is to provide the industry with access to subject-matter experts, educational skills and resources at a much lesser cost than if individuals had to access them on their own.

These industry-development organizations provide assistance, funding, guidance and support that will benefit the industry by developing individual businesses, business sectors or communities. They also help to facilitate growth and expansion of tourism facilities and attractions.

Destination British Columbia has a number of resources available to assist tourism operators, communities and sectors in growing and developing their businesses. Get started by viewing the Tourism Checklist and exploring the following collection of tools and links. Through the Tourism Business Essentials, you can access a series of informative how-to guides, ranging from Travel Media Relations to Environmentally Responsible Tourism, that are must-haves for any business competing in today's dynamic tourism market. The series also includes the Employees First Guide, an essential resource for your human resources needs produced by go2HR in partnership with Destination BC.

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