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Tourism Labour Market Growth

In 2012, go2HR released its latest labour market projections for the tourism industry in BC.  These projections came to the same conclusion as prior tourism labour market studies: Tourism in BC will continue to be a growth industry.

Wading through labour market projections can be as exciting and stimulating as reading the new tax act. However, both contain important information that business operators ignore at their peril.

This most recent labour market study in BC came to the conclusion that tourism in BC will continue to be a growth industry. Although this is great news, it does pose some challenges, not the least of which is establishing a strategy to make sure that we have enough skilled people in the right place at the right time. The first step in this strategy is to understand what the projected requirements are.

The Steering Committee and specialized Working Groups that were created in the spring of 2011 to look at the various human resources issues facing the industry employed the services of Roslyn Kunin and Associates, Inc. to look at, among other things, labour market projections within the industry in BC.

This report concluded that projected growth would result in a requirement for more than 100,000 new workers by 2020. Growth plus normal attrition (retirements and deaths) will result in a significant requirement for a variety of occupations over the next several years.  Some of the more significant findings are:

Total Openings
2000 - 2020

Occupation Openings
Food Service Counter Attendants & Kitchen Helpers 11,810
Cooks and Chefs 9,280
Food and Beverage Servers 9,190
Restaurant and Food Services Manager 4,870
Accommodation Service Managers 1,760


A complete listing of the top 12 “hot jobs” and other information about the tourism sector can be found by downloading the Tourism Labour Market Strategy report.


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