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Travel Services

From planning extravagant galas and regional trade shows to packaging and booking travel products to serving the needs of the tourism sector, the area of Travel Services covers a lot of ground.

There are approximately 9,000 workers (full-year equivalents) in the Travel Services industry group in BC. With a projected rate of annual employment growth of 1.8 per cent, there will be approximately 4.400 new job openings by 2020.

Travel Services encompasses event and conference planning organizations, travel companies and organizations, as well as associations, government agencies and companies that specialize in serving the needs of the tourism sector as a whole.

Events and conferences contribute substantial dollars to communities. Not only do travelers spend money on the event or conference itself, but “spin-off dollars” are spent on everything from accommodation to transportation to souvenirs.

The Travel Services sector group also covers the area of travel trade, which refers to organizations that are responsible for the packaging, booking and ticketing of travel products. This includes both consumer-direct and business-to-business companies.

The area of tourism services is also covered within this sector group.  As opposed to serving the needs of travelers, tourism services pertain to organizations, associations, government agencies and companies that specialize in serving the needs of the sector as a whole.  Simply put, tourism services connect business and people, generating destination awareness and information among potential travelers.

To learn more, visit Travel Services Careers.

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