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150 Reasons to Love Working in #BCTourism

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday! We love this wondrous country with its breathtaking scenery and natural splendours, and in the tourism industry, we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to share this love with visitors.

To celebrate this special anniversary, we are putting together 150 reasons why we love working in the BC tourism industry, and we need your help! Help us showcase the diverse jobs and opportunities that allow us to share and appreciate all the gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and talents and friendliness of this province!

The 150 Reasons to Love Working in #BCTourism Contest has now closed. Thank you for your entries! The winner will be announced shortly.

Please check back on this page as we will share the 150 reasons soon. Make sure you also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more updates.

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