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150 Reasons to Love Working in #BCTourism

It’s Canada’s 150th birthday! We love this wondrous country with its breathtaking scenery and natural splendours, and in the tourism industry, we are extremely lucky to have the opportunity to share this love with visitors.


To celebrate this special anniversary, we have put together 150 reasons why we love working in the BC tourism industry. What makes the BC tourism scene such a sought-after place to work? We’ll be sharing all 150 reasons on this page and on our Twitter and Facebook channels to showcase the diverse jobs and opportunities that allow us to share and appreciate all the gorgeous landscapes, rich history, and talents and friendliness of this province!

Photo Credit: Destination Nanaimo

Reason #17
"I get to watch and encourage people to push past their perceived boundaries each and every day!" - Miranda T., outdoor adventure park in Nanaimo

Photo Credit: Destination BC

Reason #27
"Of all the places in the world, BC has such diverse nature, from the blue sea to the whitecapped mountains. It's humbling to know that people come from all across the world to experience it." - Tess K, restaurant in Vancouver

Photo Credit: Destination BC

Reason #42
"Working in BC tourism gives me the inside scoop on the best things to see and do!" - Sharyn S., destination marketing organization in Parksville Qualicum


Reason #55
"LOVE meeting people from all over the world and sharing beautiful BC!" - Angela W., zoo in the Lower Mainland

Photo Credit: Tourism Vancouver

Reason #104
"Because of the trust visitors put in my ability to guide and direct them to experience BC. Also the gratitude from visitors for my assistance. Business travellers as well as tourists can have complex and unexpected challenges and they need help from someone with local knowledge. I can provide that kind of help. A friendly smile along with assistance provides the visitors with an unforgettable memory of their visit." - Bonnie G., destination marketing organization in Vancouver


Reason #71
"My favourite part about working in BC tourism? The kids! I love seeing them with huge smiles on their face and full of excitement for the adventure that awaits. Riding the carousel is always a museum favourite. Some make a special trip just to ride the horses! Seeing all the families come in always brings me back to when I was young and would visit the museum to see my mom; she actually worked there as an interpreter for several years. Now, I'm carrying on her legacy surrounded by her former coworkers in a place that feels like home. What's not to love about my work?!" - Alyssa M, museum in Burnaby




Congratulations to Elke Hierl-Steinbauer from Bon Voyage Inn in Prince George, and Chelsea Bauer from the Paddle West Kayaking in Tofino for winning a $150 Visa gift card each!

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