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What are the In-Demand Jobs in Tourism?

Where will the job opportunities in tourism be? Jobs will span the spectrum of tourism, which encompasses five industry groups and more than 400 occupations. Accommodation, food and beverage services and recreation and entertainment are gearing up for the largest growth.

Projected employment growth is highest in food & beverage services (43,410), followed by the recreation and entertainment sector (20,530). Accommodation is the third largest in-demand sector requiring 18,920.

What are the top jobs available?

  1. Food counter cashiers, prep cooks, and dishwashers - 11,810
  2. Food and beverage servers - 9,190
  3. Cooks - 6,810
  4. Restaurant managers - 4,870
  5. Room Attendants - 4,010
  6. Tour bus drivers - 3,280
  7. Cashiers - 3,230
  8. Recreational instructors (ie. ski instructors, tour guides) - 2,520
  9. Chefs - 2,470
  10. Hotel front desk agents - 2,410
  11. Hotel managers - 1,760
  12. Travel agents - 1,670

With an industry so diverse, there is a career fit for enthusiastic individuals wanting to put their education and skills to work in an exciting and varied environment. Learn more about the endless possibilities of working in tourism through our Career Explorer.

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