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Bakers prepare bread, rolls, muffins, pies, cakes and other baked goods. They may be following tried and true recipes or may be developing new ones. The position may mean the Baker specializes in creating one or two types of baked goods, or may be involved in making all the baked goods required. Bakers are also involved in ordering and maintaining supplies, and in quality and portion control.

  • Research, develop and test new recipes
  • Prepare dough, batter and frostings
  • Bake doughs and batters
  • Frost and decorate baked goods
  • Purchase baking supplies
  • Hire and train staff
  • Supervise production and sales
  • Operate machinery
  • Ensure quality of products meet established standards
  • Draw up production schedule to determine type and quantity of goods to produce
  • May oversee sales and merchandising of baked goods
  • May hire, train and supervise baking personnel and kitchen staff
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
  • Completion of secondary school is usually required.
  • Completion of a three- or four-year apprenticeship program for bakers or completion of a college or other program for bakers is usually required
  • On-the-job training is an asset
  • For interprovincial mobility, a trade certification (Red Seal) is an asset 
  • Knowledge of National Occupational Supervisory Skills Standards is an asset
Possible Future Career Paths: 
  • Head Baker
  • Bakery Supervisor
  • Food Production Manager
  • Food Service Manager
  • Owner/Operator

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