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Customer Service Director

A customer service director plans, organizes, directs and controls the operations of a customer service area of a transportation company. They oversee customer service representatives as well as perform the duties of a customer service representative when required. They may be employed at an airport, rail station or a cruise or ferry service counter.

Information provided by Discover Tourism.

  • Manage human resource functions, such as assigning staff duties
  • Respond to customer enquiries or complaints
  • Attend to comfort and concerns of passengers
  • Make and change reservations
  • Receive payment and process forms
  • Supervise facility operation
  • Communicate with other departments as needed
  • Use administrative skills
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: 
  • Customer service experience
  • Supervisory or management experience
  • Good judgment and problem-solving skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Strong leadership and team-building skills
  • Time management skills an asset
  • Financial management skills an asset
  • A second language an asset
  • Secondary school diploma is required
  • Degree or diploma in business, marketing or tourism is often necessary
  • Knowledge of the National Occupational Supervisory Skills Standards is an asset.
Possible Future Career Paths: 
  • Marketing and Sales Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Manager of Operations

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