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Property Description:EightfoldMountainVillageisintheheartoftheCanadianRockyMountains,intheBeaverfootValleymereminutesfromFieldandGolden,BritishColumbia.Withitsuntouchedandbreathtakingviewsandabundanceofnaturalvegetationandwildlife,EightfoldMountainVillagealsobordersYohoNationalPark.Visitorstothevillagecanenjoyhiking,fishing,photography,meditation,crosscountryskiing,swimming,andsnowshoeing.Accommodationsonsiteincludeamultipleroomlodge(withsleepingaccommodationforaround30,andmultipletimbercabins).Thesiteitselffeatureshundredsofacresofuntouchedwilderness,aswellasremotecabins,woodsaunas,andstructurestohouselivestockandevents.As the Lodge Hosts, it is your job to make sure that every guest has an incredible stay at Eightfold Mountain Village. You are responsible for alllodge operations, including food,beverage, laundry, and building and property maintenance. It is your attention to detail and your commitment to first-class service and hospitality that will add the finishing touch to the entire Eightfold Mountain Village Experience. You are passionate about the backcountry, and you enjoy sharingyourexperienceswith the guests. You make each guest feel welcome and strive to make them feel special, comfortable, relaxed, safe, taken care of, and generally, right at home. You thrive on the challenge of living in a remote location for long periods oftime andconsider yourselves handy and problem solvers. You are adventurous and you love the outdoors. You are an independent self-starter, a hard-worker, and a team player. You have a keen eye for detail,and you take the initiative to do what needs to be done to ensure that each guest has an incredible time while staying with youat the village.

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