Restarting Operations after COVID-19 – Industry Sector Best Practice Guides

To help support tourism and hospitality employers navigate and manage the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace, several industry associations have compiled sector specific guidance, referred to as best practice guides. These guides typically contain useful information and recommendations with regard to departments, roles and job tasks that are common to the particular sector. Many of these guides have been developed through collaboration with a range of key stakeholders and industry partners, including go2HR.

In addition to the best practice guides, WorkSafeBC has developed various industry level protocols. These protocols include information on industry specific risks and potential controls, which may be considered as you develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan. It is recommended that you refer to any industry specific controls developed by WorkSafeBC, along with your industry sector best practice guide (if one is available for your sector) to prepare for reopening or ramping up your operations. You can then document what you are doing in your COVID-19 Safety Plan. If there isn’t a best practice guide for your sector, please refer to go2HR’s Tourism and Hospitality COVID-19 Best Practice Guide.

We recommend that you:

  1. Review your industry sector best practice guide (or go2HR’s tourism and hospitality best practice template) to learn about how to manage COVID-19 in your workplace
  2. Refer to the WorkSafeBC protocol for your industry (if available) and consider any specific controls that apply to your business
  3. Complete go2HR’s COVID-19 Workplace Assessment, using the templates and tools provided in the summary report to help you apply the COVID-19 controls
  4. Develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan for your business, detailing the steps you are taking to control the risk of COVID-19

All employers must continue to follow the orders, notices, and guidance from the provincial health officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control. Updates are issued regularly so businesses should check regularly for changes that may apply to their particular operation. These changes could impact your existing COVID-19 controls and require you to update your existing safety plan.

Here are some industry sector best practice guides:

WorkSafeBC Protocols for Returning to Operation:

We have put together a collection of useful health and safety information related to COVID-19, to help employers through this challenging time. Check back regularly, as new resources continue to be added.

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