Restarting Operations After COVID-19 – What You Need to Know

BC’s Restart Plan: What Tourism and Hospitality Businesses Need to Know.

BC’s restart plan has set the stage for a phased return to normal operations.  As you prepare to ramp up operations or reopen your business, you may need to adjust your existing occupational health and safety program to make sure you are protecting both workers and guests against COVID-19.

The provincial government has tasked WorkSafeBC with developing guidelines for businesses to operate safely in the current environment. As the Health and Safety Association for BC’s tourism and hospitality industry, go2HR is liaising with WorkSafeBC, industry associations, Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, RDMOs and TIA BC to assist tourism industry employers with the development and implementation of appropriate COVID-19 Safety Plans for their individual businesses.

go2HR, with input from industry, has also developed a COVID-19 Best Practices template, offering health and safety tips and sample best practices for employers and workers to follow, as you look towards business recovery. Please note that this template is intended as a guide. We recommend that you review and adapt the content to reflect the specific operating nature of your business environment, in order to protect your workers and prevent the spread of infection in your workplace.

Over time, these best practices may evolve, based on the latest information from government and the public health authorities. Also, several sector specific guidelines are in development that we will showcase here as they become available. Therefore, please check back regularly, as we release additional content.