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Hyatt Regency Vancouver Achieves COR Certifications

go2HR presents the two COR certificates to Hyatt Regency Vancouvergo2HR presents the two COR certificates to Hyatt Regency Vancouver

Congratulations to Hyatt Regency Vancouver on achieving the Safety Management System as well as Return-to-Work COR certifications. On June 10, 2011, go2HR's Arlene Keis, Trina Pollard and Sonny Mangat visited the Hyatt office and presented the two COR certificates to Steve McNally, General Manager, Cathy Martinsen, Director, Human Resources, Katharina Santos, Human Resources Manager, and Zito Kare, Safety & Compliance Manager of the Hyatt Regency Vancouver.

Hyatt Regency Vancouver is the 5th hotel property in BC to become COR-certified.

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