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How to Participate in COR

The process of achieving a Certification of Recognition (COR) is straightforward. With the right tools and help from go2HR, you and your employees can soon enjoy all the benefits of this worthwhile program.

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

Follow these simple seven steps to earn COR Certification:

1. Review program materials on the go2HR website (Click to expand)


2. Register with go2HR (Click to expand)


3. Complete the Internal Auditor training (Click to expand)


4. Schedule a complimentary gap analysis of your program (Click to expand)


5. Develop or modify your program to meet COR requirements (Click to expand)


6. Retain an external auditor to perform a certification audit (Click to expand)


7. Receive your annual incentive cheque (Click to expand)


8. Maintain your certification (Click to expand)

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