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COR External Auditor Training for Tourism & Hospitality Workplaces

The COR External Auditor training course is designed for individuals who wish to be certified to conduct external safety audits for hospitality and tourism employers seeking their COR certification. Acceptance into the external auditor training is on a competitive basis, with applicants' qualifications reviewed before class selections are made.

There will be a limited number of COR External Auditors trained to serve the province, depending on the total number of registered companies in the program. go2HR has established a maximum per diem rate of $550 that auditors may charge employers for audit services.

COR External Auditor Training Prerequisites

  • Minimum three years of experience managing and/or auditing management systems
  • OH&S experience and/or training; CRSP or CHSC designation an asset
  • Hospitality and/or tourism experience preferred
  • Equivalent combinations of experience, training, and formal education
  • Professional references from previously audited clients

Length of Training:

The course is five days in length, with approximately eight hours of online introductory material followed by four days of classroom training. To become certified, each external auditor will be required to complete a student audit following the classroom training.


Total cost for instruction and materials is $1000 CDN (plus taxes)


This course is offered periodically, as required.

Please note that go2HR currently has a full complement of external auditors to serve our COR certified companies.

For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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