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Occupational Health & Safety Webinars

In order to help tourism and hospitality employers to better understand and implement different aspects of their occupational health & safety (OHS) program, go2HR introduced an initiative called “OHS Webinars”. Approximately every 1.5 months, go2HR offers a one-hour webinar looking closely at one OHS topic and its link to the Certification of Recognition (COR) Audit. Each session will provide you with the opportunity to learn something new, connect with colleagues from different sectors, and ask questions related to the topic that are relevant to your operation. Webinars may be facilitated by a go2HR staff member, or a guest speaker from another organization.

Training offered by go2HR is ideal for individuals responsible for leading OHS and/or the Certificate of Recognition (COR) Program for their organization as well as for members of a company’s Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC). The training is eligible for  individuals looking to fulfilling their annual 8 hours of OHS training entitlement of a JOHSC member, as well as professional development re-certification credits as a Certified Internal Auditor and other OHS/HR professional certifications (e.g. CRSP, CHRP, CHSC).

Why should you attend the webinars?

  • Learn about implementing an OHS program effectively in a tourism operation;
  • Ask questions specific to your business;
  • Connect with colleagues from different tourism sectors;
  • Fulfill your annual OHS training entitlement as part of the JOHSC;
  • Work towards completing your professional development requirements as a health & safety professional; and
  • Work towards completing the required 7 hours of professional development as a certified COR Internal Auditor.

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For more information, contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.

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