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Seminars to Fulfill Your Joint Health & Safety Committee Training Requirements

If you became a member of your organization’s Joint Health & Safety Committee on or after April 3, 2017, you are required to complete 8 hours of training. The following free online seminars put on by WorkSafeBC and the Employer's Advisers Office (EAO) will fulfill this requirement:

Seats are limited for these seminars so register today! If sessions are all booked up or you are not available for the current offerings, be sure to check back for future seminars.

The EAO also coordinates seminars on other OHS topics. The seminars are categorized into four areas: Introductory, Occupational Health and Safety, Claims Management and Topical/Informational. Visit the EAO website for more information.

If your organization has fewer than 20 employees, all worker health and safety representatives selected on or after April 3, 2017 must receive 4 hours of training and instruction on the following topics:

  • The duties and functions of a joint committee
  • The requirements around conducting incident investigations
  • The requirements around conducting regular workplace inspections, and how to make regular inspections
  • The requirements around responding to a refusal of unsafe work

WorkSafeBC's Worker Health and Safety Representative Fundamentals online course addresses this required training for worker health and safety representatives in workplaces without a joint committee.

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