Compensation trends are evolving. Tourism and hospitality businesses compete for talent in a tight labour market, which makes the mix of wages, perks, and benefits offered to workers more important than ever.

The mix of wages, perks, and benefits including things like incentive pay or bonuses offered is often called Total Compensation, or Compensation for short, and is essentially the totality of what a business can offer a worker in exchange for their time and expertise.

Acknowledging the importance of settling on the right mix of total compensation to attract and retain workers, go2HR is committed to supporting businesses in the tourism & hospitality industry by sharing customizable compensation resources, and other relevant resources.  Explore our numerous resources and reach out to our HR Team if you have questions.

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Key Compensation Resources for Tourism & Hospitality

go2HR is committed to providing the BC Tourism & Hospitality industry with useful and relevant information. Below are key compensation resources and articles tailored to meet the unique needs of the industry.

Compensation Strategy

Step into the world of strategic compensation planning with this dedicated section, designed to equip tourism and hospitality employers with the insights and tools needed to navigate this essential aspect of workforce management.

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Compensation Checklist

Ready to tackle your compensation strategy? Our easy-to-use Compensation Strategy Checklist is here to help! Use this checklist as a pulse check on your strategy as you uncover the key elements of a top-notch rewards plan.

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How to use Total Compensation to Attract and Retain Talent in a Tight Labour Market

As industry employers continue to compete for top talent, it is key to understand, position and communicate what your total compensation package is. But what is Total Compensation and how can business owners maximize their total compensation packages to meet employee needs of both current and prospective employees?

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Compensation Philosophies Are Not Just For Large Companies

Compensation philosophies are not just for companies with hundreds of employees and a structured corporate environment. Instead, they are a practical addition to organizations of any size, including small to medium businesses.

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If you’re an employer struggling to grasp the full value of the perks and benefits you offer alongside wages, you’ve come to the right place. Our easy-to-use templates allow you to input position details and compensation particulars effortlessly. With just a few clicks, you can see the total value of your employees’ compensation packages. We’ve also got a template to help you communicate the value of their wage packages to employees.

Food & Beverage Operations

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Accommodations & Resort Operations

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Recreation, Entertainment, & Outdoor Operations

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Travel Services Operations

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This section aims to help employers navigate the process of determining fair and competitive pay for their employees. Building on concepts from our Compensation articles, this resource offers practical advice for defining your organization’s pay philosophy and comparing wages to market standards. Whether you’re establishing pay rates for the first time or reassessing your current approach, we provide clear guidance to ensure your wages align with your business goals and attract top talent.

Compensation Philosophy & Benchmarking Wages

Determining what to pay your employees is a critical decision for your business. Benchmarking your wages gives you a strategic perspective that aligns with your business goals, needs and direction.

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Minimum Wages

The issue of minimum wages is sometimes a source of confusion, particularly when commissions, incentives or bonus schemes are factored in.

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BC’s New Transparency Act

For all BC employers, BC’s new Pay Transparency Act is now in effect. The purpose of the new legislation is to close the gender pay gap which is the first step towards pay equity. Pay equity means all employees are paid the same wage for the same job. When salary is transparent, as is the goal of pay transparency, it helps level the playing field. Pay transparency reduces entrenched biases around pay and is a concerted effort to close racial and gender pay disparity.

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What’s a Living Wage?

Living Wage is the regional-specific wage minimum that allows families to afford necessities including shelter and food, and participation in your community. It is based on a common family unit in BC of two full-time working parents and two children. Learn all about Living Wage, the benefits of a Living Wage, how it is invested in your community, and why you should consider a Living Wage in your region.

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How to determine Wages – Small Employers guide

Setting wages is a key aspect of running a business. In this article, learn how to determine wages as a small employer in the Hospitality & Tourism Industry in BC.

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