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  • 146 Kingston Street, Marina Level
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  • Accessible Employer: Yes
  • Open to International applicants with valid Canadian Work permits: Yes
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Posted on January 10, 2024

Job Description


Started over 30 years ago, instrumental in building the whale watching industry and its guidelines in the region, Orca Spirit Adventures and sister-company Orca Sprit Marine Transport, are the whale watching, private charter, and marine transport providers of choice for tourists, school groups, tour operators, and commercial organizations alike.

Orca Spirit Adventures, and Marine Transport, lives and breathes sustainability. We are carbon neutral, offsetting our carbon footprint with Offsetters. We thrive on respecting the environment, while creating extraordinary experiences for our guests.


Orca Spirit Adventures’ mission is to provide the utmost customer service and experience for our guests. We work every day towards being the very best we can be.


·         Provide the very best customer service

·         Give back to the community

·         Providing an exceptional guest experience

·         Respecting yourself and others

·         Respecting the environment through green initiatives and following wildlife protection guidelines

Position offered:


60 Ton Master

Full or part time, seasonal


Pacific Explorer I, 70 passenger, 4 crew

Orca Mist, 46 passenger, 3 crew

Haisla Explorer, 34 passenger, 2 crew

Job Description:

As a 60 Ton Master on our various 60 Ton vessels, you will be leading a team who strives to educate and inspire guests from all over the world. You will be part of a team which is passionate about wildlife, the guest experience, along with the Coast of British Columbia.

As Master and team leader, you are responsible for the safe operation of each vessel, it’s crew and passengers.

You will be responsible for:

·         Operating the vessel in accordance with:

o   Transport Canada Standards

o   Canada Shipping Act and it’s regulations

o   Department of Fisheries and Oceans

o   PWWA Whale Watching Guidelines

·         Maintaining vessel logs

·         Conducting crew drills as required

·         Startup and shutdown of the vessel each working day

·         Ensuring the vessel has sufficient fuel for the start of the next day

Working with the shore crews in providing our guests with the best possible experience

Responsibilities & Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

·         Master, Limited for a Vessel of Less Than 60 Gross Tonnage

o   Vessel specification training and familiarization will be required

o   Knowledge of the waters in the Victoria area preferred

·         ROC-MC VHF Radio license

·         Marine First Aid

·         MED with respect to small passenger vessel safety

·         Up to date and approved Transport Canada Medical Examination

·         To be able to work in a team environment

·         Ability to work on your feet for up to 12 hours

·         Previous experience in the whale watching industry along with knowledge of local marine environments is considered an asset



Job Application Process

Please email resume and cover letter to sabrina@orcaspirit.com

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