Lead Groomer Operator – Nordic

  • Callaghan Country Wilderness Adventures
  • Supervisory
    • Full Time | 
    • Seasonal
  • 1000 Callaghan Valley Rd. Whistler
  • 1 position available
  • Accessible Employer: Yes
  • Open to International applicants with valid Canadian Work permits: Yes
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Posted on August 15, 2023

Job Description

The Lead Groomer Operator is responsible for developing a world-class Nordic Ski Product that caters to both entry-level skiers and professional athletes. The Lead Groomer oversees the Nordic Ski Trail network, heavy equipment use (including snow clearing of roadways and parking lots), summer road building, and trail maintenance. Furthermore, the Lead Groomer ensures that the snowcats are utilized efficiently to meet the company’s needs and support the various programs offered through CCWA. Communicating trail conditions, updating trail signage, and setting up a positive guest experience are all crucial aspects of the groomer’s day-to-day duties.

Responsibilities & Qualifications

What You’ll Get To Do:
• Lead winter trail grooming throughout the current 40+km trail network and continually look for opportunities to refine and/or expand
• Oversee and direct snow-clearing operations throughout the ski area premises and facilities
• Develop a Ski Area operating plan, which best meets the goals of CCWA
• Plan and direct maintenance across all aspects of the Ski Area including maintenance of snowcats and all heavy equipment
• Build, lead, train, and develop a high-performing grooming team providing consistent actionable feedback, timely reviews, ongoing coaching, and scheduling
• Remove or manage any safety issues on site. If unavoidable, close sections of trail or areas as needed to best keep the public, and workers safe
• Enforce skier responsibility code, issue warnings to and/or revoke access privileges from reckless or irresponsible recreationists
• Assist with transportation of guests, freight, and goods as required.
• Support/facilitate necessary first aid, with an emphasis on getting patient to higher care
• Create, implement, and update training manuals and checklists for Ski Area SOPs, general maintenance schedules, sub-contractor contact lists, etc.
• Integrate responsible stewardship practices that align responsible land use and protection of natural environments
• Maintain professional and technical certifications.
• Oversee summer road work and trail maintenance projects and ensure seasonal storms and vehicle use do not diminish these utilities
• Develop summer trail systems to better accommodate low snow seasons, ensuring snowcat use and ease of lodge access during unfavorable snow years
• Develop comprehensive trails operating plan, evolving Callaghan to a year-round operation
• Participate in leadership forums providing feedback and input on grooming operations, training, and continuous improvement opportunities
• Embrace and implement new technologies to streamline Ski Area operations
• Other duties as assigned

What You’ll Bring to the Team:
• Must have own transportation (#1000 Callaghan Valley Rd. is not serviced by transit)
• Must be able to legally work in Canada
• 3+ years’ of relevant experience in Ski Area Operations, heavy equipment management, equipment use, and trail development
• Extensive knowledge of the Snow Sport Industry with and emphasis on Nordic sports, trail standards, and evolving trends in the Nordic sport community
• Previous involvement in OHS programs with a firm understanding of regulations and responsibilities
• Dexterity to deliver high quality trail conditions and a groomed product in challenging environmental spells and poor seasonal snow conditions
• Wherewithal to change workloads and direction to best meet rapidly evolving situations
• Competence to overcome unforeseen situations, mechanical failures, and emergency situation while maintaining a professional demeanor and directing staff/public
• Quality of leadership that galvanizes staff to meet goals, even amid extreme environmental cycles
• Poised communication skills, and ability to maintain open and positive relationships with employees, partners, customers, and other outside contacts in any circumstance
• Ability to work a flexible schedule including nights, holidays, and weekends
• Able to sit for extended periods of time while operating the snowcat
• Must hold a valid driver’s license
• Clear understanding of the evo brand and a passion for the activities
• Demonstrated initiative in supporting/building community



Other Perks/Benefits

• On-site Housing • Extended Medical Package • Competitive vacation package and sick leave • Paid volunteer time • Access to the evo Extras Discounts & Perks program • Charitable giving match • Complimentary overnight stay at Journeyman Lodge • Nordic Ski Area Season Pass • And many, many more…

Recommended Training

Foundations of Workplace Safety (includes WHMIS)

Job Application Process


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