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Leadership 2 Go

Specially designed for front-line team leads and their managers, this new online training resource provides customized, proprietary tools and information in a flexible, online format.

Whether you’re a manager looking for leadership training for staff, or a new team lead in your company, Leadership 2 Go contains a diverse set of tools vetted by an industry panel, plus coaching and tips on how to use the resource most effectively.

It’s free with registration and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and done at any pace.

Discover the return on investment of effective leadership and register today!

What does Leadership 2 Go cover?

Participants in Leadership 2 Go will learn the skills to deal with these difficult situations (and many more):

  • Do you ever wonder why it’s so easy to lead some of your team members and so hard to lead others?
  • Do you ever find it difficult to ask a team member who’s also a friend to do something?
  • Have you ever found yourself feeling nervous before giving someone performance feedback?

How do you register?

This resource is available at no cost for BC tourism employers and employees.  Simply create an account with go2HR, or log in to your existing account, to get started. If you have any issues accessing the resources, please contact us.

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