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Changes to Joint Health and Safety Committee Related Regulations

go2HR shared the news of proposed regulatory changes impacting both small and large tourism employers back in the fall.  Recently WorkSafeBC’s Board of Directors has approved the addition of the following new sections to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation effective April 3, 2017:

  1. Section 3.26: Requires an annual evaluation to measure the effectiveness of joint committees.
    Approved amendments with explanatory notes
  2. Section 3.27: Establishes the mandatory minimum training and education for joint committee members (8 hours) and worker health and safety representatives (4 hours).
    Approved amendments with explanatory notes
  3. Section 3.28: Clarifies the meaning of “participation” in section 174 of the Workers Compensation Act by providing three additional examples of participation (gather information, analyze information, identify any corrective actions) by worker and employer representatives in an employer incident investigation.
    Approved amendments with explanatory notes

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact the go2HR Industry Health & Safety Team.