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New and Revised WorkSafeBC Resources for Young Workers

Employers play an important role in health and safety, especially for young workers. WorkSafeBC has added new and revised resources for employers to enhance their support for new and young workers in the workplace.  

Tools for Training Young and New Workers (Resource available for download)

  • Tools for employers to meet regulatory requirements for new and young worker orientation and training.

Useful Tips for Young Workers to Address Workplace Safety Concerns (Resource available for download)

  • Brochure providing young and new workers with useful tips on addressing concerns about safety in the workplace.
  • It is also available in seven other languages: French, Korean, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese.

What I Know Now

  • As an employer, you have years of safety knowledge and experience that can be shared with your young workers. It is your responsibility to make health and safety a priority, and create a space for young workers to have conversations about safety at work. This website includes tips, information, and other useful materials to help you improve workplace health and safety for your young workers.

Listen to Your Gut

  • WorkSafeBC's campaign targetting young and new workers, with information, statistics, videos, tips, and facts to support to support and improve health and safety on the job.