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Occupational Health & Safety Training Needs Assessment

Take this online survey to help us identify health and safety training needs for tourism and hospitality employers.

The survey should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Please note that if you manage or own a tourism and hospitality business in more than one geographic location, just select one of these businesses as the basis for answering the questions.

The survey addresses 24 specific types of health and safety training. Not all types of training will necessarily apply to your business; just click 'No' if it does not apply to you. The 24 types of training are listed in the following order:

Personal Safety/Injury Prevention

  1. Personal injury prevention (including slips/trips/falls and sprains/strains)
  2. Injury management / return to work / claims management
  3. Young/new worker injury prevention
  4. Ergonomics and materials handling
  5. Falls from elevation / same level
  6. Personal safety – when handling irate / violent / intoxicated customers
  7. Hazard identification and control
  8. Working alone / in isolation
  9. Cuts, lacerations, and amputations
  10. Burns
  11. Safeguards
  12. Noise
  13. Personal protective equipment – footwear, helmets, etc.

Health & Safety Management and Administration

  1. Disaster preparedness / emergency response
  2. Safe work procedures
  3. Responding to worker mental health and stress management issues
  4. Managing aging workers / young workers
  5. Bullying / harassment / workplace violence
  6. Encouraging / supporting workers to lead a healthy lifestyle
  7. Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee

Food Service and Hazardous Materials Safety

  1. Lock-out and de-energization
  2. WHMIS

Outdoor Workplaces Health & Safety

  1. Cold or heat stress
  2. Road and off-road safety

Take the survey now: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/go2hr-Health-Safety-Training

Your views with regard to health and safety training are very important to go2HR and WorkSafeBC. Your input will contribute to the enhancement of existing training programs and the possible provision of new training programs in the future.

If you have any questions about the survey or the Training Needs Assessment project, please contact Debbie Yule, VP of Industry Engagement, at (604) 633-9787, ext. 228. Survey deadline extended to Aug. 9, 2017. Thank you for taking the time.