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Regional HR Specialist Hired to Tackle Local Tourism Labour Market Challenges in the Thompson Okanagan Region

Vancouver, BC - go2HR, BC’s tourism and hospitality human resource association, appoints Ginger Brunner as the new Regional HR Specialist. The Regional HR Specialist is a new position created in partnership between go2HR and the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association (TOTA) to address tourism labour market challenges in the Thompson Okanagan region. Brunner will be based in the TOTA office in Kelowna, BC and will represent go2HR within the region.

Ginger BrunnerGinger Brunner

Obtaining tourism staff is becoming increasingly more difficult, particularly in the regions outside of the lower mainland. It is projected that by 2020 there will be over 12,000 new full-time equivalent job openings and a shortage of over 1600 full-time equivalent staff in the Thompson Okanagan. By having Brunner join the TOTA office, go2HR is able to extend its professional reach into the Thompson Okanagan region.

Brunner is a Certified Human Resource Professional (CHRP) and trainer with more than 15 years of applied human resources and management experience within the tourism/hospitality industry. Brunner brings experience in developing, facilitating and supporting HR programs, as well as facilitating a range of college and university recruitment initiatives. She will be working with tourism operators and stakeholders in the regionalization of key recruitment, retention and training initiatives as outlined in the BC provincial Tourism Labour Market Strategy and the Thompson Okanagan Regional Tourism Strategy entitled Embracing Our Potential.

“Having a Regional HR Specialist to represent go2HR within the Thompson Okanagan will allow go2HR to increase assistance and guidance to tourism employers in the region. We are delighted to pilot this initiative in partnership with TOTA which will give us the opportunity to leverage the work of both organizations,” says Arlene Keis, CEO, go2HR.

“By working with go2HR, TOTA is able to help ensure that tourism employers will have the right number of qualified employees to meet the demand of the industry and help increase Thompson Okanagan’s impeccable reputation for visitor experience,” says Glenn Mandziuk, President & CEO, Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association.  “Our expanded role in destination development activities supported by our provincial crown corporation Destination British Columbia further enabled this important program to be established in the region.”

Contact Ginger Brunner, Regional HR Specialist.

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