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Thompson Okanagan Regional Labour Market Study

The Thompson Okanagan region has one of the most severe levels of seasonality in the province, which prevents many tourism employers from being able to retain workers on a permanent basis.  By 2027, it is anticipated that the region will have 13,000 job openings. The food & beverage, accommodation, and recreation and entertainment sectors will be the hardest hit.

A View into Thompson Okanagan’s Labour Market:

Discover the unique challenges facing the Thompson Okanagan region with insights from local operators, like Predator Ridge Resort and Tinhorn Creek Winery, as well as the Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association and go2HR. 

“We found that having a super rigorous training program as well as a health and safety program puts us way above our neighbours.” 
- Sandra Oldfield, CEO, Tinhorn Creek Winery


At a Glance:

Which occupations will be the most in demand?  Check out the top occupations below.

Top Occupations in Demand

Occupations New Job Openings 2017-2027
Food Counter Attendants and Kitchen Helpers 1,525
Cooks 1,225
Restaurant and Food Service Managers 1,125
Food and Beverage Servers 975
Light Duty Cleaners 675
Accommodation Service Managers 475
Food Service Supervisors 350
Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness 350
Cashiers 325
Chefs 275
Other Occupations in Tourism Industry 5,700


Ideas & Resources:


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