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PreparedBC: Emergency Planning Resources for Tourism Operators

PreparedBC: Emergency Planning Resources for Tourism Operators

Food and Beverage
Recreation and Entertainment
Ski Areas
Travel Services

Emergency Planning

When natural disasters strike, tourism operators play a vital role in providing information, direction, and guidance for tourists and visitors unfamiliar with BC and its potential hazards. Prepare for emergencies and ensure the safety of your staff and guests with these resources specifically designed for tourism operators.

PreparedBC: Guide for Tourism Operators

Follow this step-by-step guide to prepare your operation and staff for emergencies: know the risks, make a plan, have key contacts on hand, stock up on materials and supplies, communicate with and train employees on emergency responses, conduct practice and drills, and more.


PreparedBC: Emergency Plan for Tourism Operators

Use these templates, tools, and checklists to begin the process of planning and preparing for emergencies that may impact staff and guests.