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Tourism Industry Health & Safety

  • March 2: COR Internal Auditor Training

    In order to obtain your Certificate of Recognition (COR), your champion needs to become a knowledgeable resource about workplace health and safety to lead the process for your organization.

  • Safety for Room Attendants

    Over 50 percent of injuries in the accommodation industry involve housekeeping staff. Help prevent these injuries by training your employees with these videos on the correct ways to make beds, clean bathrooms, and more.

  • Supervisor Series - Spotlight on Safety

    This Interactive web book series uses text, video, and quizzes to provide information on different aspects of safety supervision.

  • Violence in the Workplace

    Avoid violence in the workplace this festive season by training your front-line staff on how to spot the warning signs and resolve conflict.

  • Winter Driving Safety

    As an employer or supervisor, you’re responsible for the safety of all your workers when they drive for work in the winter. Winter conditions in BC includes snow and ice, rain, fog, and reduced visibility - all hazards for BC drivers. Visit Shift into Winter for useful resources and tools.