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Tourism Industry Health & Safety

  • SECOR: COR for Small Employers

    If you are a small business with fewer than 20 employees, you are eligible to participate in SECOR, a specifically designed version of COR offering similar benefits but with a slightly different process and audit tool to account for the size of the operation.

  • Wildfires: Frequently Asked Questions

    Refer to this WorkSafeBC resource to understand the related hazards and how you can take measures to minimize smoke exposure for your workers.

  • Emergency Planning Resources

    With wildfires happening across BC, be prepared to provide guidance for your staff and guests with these resources to prepare for emergencies.

  • New Resources To Support Young Workers

    WorkSafeBC has added resources for employers to better support young workers in the workplace: Tools to Train Young/New Workers and Tips for Young Workers to Address Workplace Safety Concerns.

  • OHS Online Course Available - Fundamentals

    Whether you are an OHS professional, business owner, or employee, this interactive 9-module course will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to lead the health and safety efforts at your organization.