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Tourism Industry Health & Safety

  • May 1: HR/OHS Roundtable - Osoyoos

    You have questions? We have answers. go2HR invites you to join us in Osoyoos for an Industry HR and Occupational Health and Safety Roundtable.

  • May 7: NAOSH Week Launches in Victoria

    The North American Occupational Safety and Health week is committed to raising awareness of the importance of preventing injury and illness in the workplace.

  • June 15: COR Internal Auditor Training

    In order to obtain your Certificate of Recognition (COR), your champion needs to become a knowledgeable resource about workplace health and safety to lead the process for your organization.

  • Kitchen Safety Advice From The Pros

    WorkSafeBC has developed a series of short training videos in partnership with go2HR, featuring interviews and insights from well-known executive chefs in BC.

  • Supervisor Series - Spotlight on Safety

    This Interactive web book series uses text, video, and quizzes to provide information on different aspects of safety supervision.