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How to Challenge a Cook Credential

Prepare to Challenge

To challenge Professional Cook 1, 2, or 3 (Red Seal), you need to:

  • Determine if you meet the level of industry experience required (schooling does not count toward hours in the challenge process)
Occupation Level Hours Required Checklist of Skills Performed
Professional Cook 1 1,000 hours PC1 Employer Declaration
Professional Cook 2 2,000 hours PC2 Employer Declaration
Professional Cook 3 (Red Seal) 5,000 hours PC3 Employer Declaration


  • Gather a copy of your FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate or card, or verify if your FOODSAFE certificate from another province is equivalent (list of equivalent FOODSAFE certificates)
  • Review the items and potential menu you will be expected to prepare during your practical assessment: Cook Practical Assessment Information

Select Forms

After you have determined which level to challenge, please click on the appropriate link to go to the Industry Training Authority (ITA) website for the required forms and more detailed information:

Submit Application

When you submit your application to the ITA, you will need to include the following:

  1. Challenge Application – completed, signed and dated, and listing only employers that you have included a signed Employer or Statutory Declaration for
  2. FOODSAFE Certificate or Card – include a copy of your FOODSAFE Level 1 certificate or card, or equivalent certificate from the FOODSAFE approved list of equivalents
  3. Payment – the $120.00 challenge assessment fee is to review and assess your documents and is non-fundable. Online payment confirmation number, cheque or money order made payable to Industry Training Authority (ITA) must be included. There will be an additional practical assessment fee payable to the Assessment Venue.
  4. Employer Declaration – for every employer you have listed on your challenge application, they will need to complete the Employer Declaration including the Supervisor Declaration of Job Task Performance (checklist of skills performed). Note: Frequently means that you perform the skill as often as it is required, i.e. daily or once a week.
  5. Statutory Declaration – you will use this form if your work experience is from self-employment, or if the company you worked for is no longer in business or will not respond to your requests

Questions? Please contact Linda or 604-633-9787 ext. 223.

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