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Recognition and Grants/Tax Credits

There are substantial financial incentives from both the Provincial and Federal governments available for apprentices and their sponsors. Secondary school apprenticeship scholarships may also be available to qualified high school students.

BC Resort Community Labour Market Strategic Analysis

Apprentice and Sponsor Tax Credit and Grant Guide

The Apprentice and Sponsor Tax Credit and Grant Guide is a summary of all tax incentives for apprentices, challengers and sponsors.

For Sponsors

Tax credits apply only to the first 24 months of an apprentice’s apprenticeship, based on the original date of registration with ITA, or on apprentice’s achievement of the Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal endorsement.

For Apprentices

Tax credits, grants and scholarships apply when a credential, or level of apprenticeship is successfully achieved.

For Challengers

Tax credits apply when either the Certificate of Qualification or Red Seal endorsement is successfully achieved.

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