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Training and Assessment Details

To achieve industry credentials there are a variety of apprenticeship training programs and youth initiatives offered by ITA-designated training providers across BC. The programs range from four to six weeks to several months in length, taking someone from no industry experience to someone in their final level of apprenticeship. Most programs have formal training options, which cover all of the content for each program and level, as well as include any required exams or practical assessments at the end of training.

All ITA credentials involve a form of assessment; this may include written exams, practical assessments, or other types of evaluation such as a portfolio review or interview in order to achieve a credential. Assessments are always developed with industry input from a variety of sectors to truly represent what it takes to be qualified in an occupation.


Please visit the link to each program area for complete training and assessment details.


Professional Cook 3 (PC3) and Bakers who have obtained a Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) can now identify their accreditation through the official use of the acronym, RSE. Click here for more information.

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