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Baker Program

Bakers prepare dough, batters, fillings and sauces and then produce items such as bread, buns, cakes, pies, cookies, cheesecakes, tarts and other sweet and savory items. Chocolate and sugar work also offers a unique area of specialization for bakers. Bakers work in small retail bakeries, retail supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, catering companies, pastry shops and commercial bakeries. The baker apprenticeship program covers all of the skills necessary to work in commercial baking or pastry in a wide variety of businesses.

Skill Profile

Workplace Skills:

  • Professionalism - personal hygiene, teamwork and communication
  • Workplace safety and food safety
  • Using tools and equipment
  • Trade math, including using and adjusting recipes and formulas
  • Baking science, terminology and nutrition
  • A wide range of baking techniques
  • A wide range of decorating techniques
  • Following cost controls
  • Retail packaging and labeling
  • Retail merchandizing
  • Customer service and relations
  • Setting and following production speed and efficiency
  • Baking for allergies and special diets
  • Ordering and inventory procedures

Products you can make from scratch:

  • Cookies and squares
  • A wide range of pies and tarts
  • A wide range of pastries
  • A wide range of quick breads
  • A wide range of yeast breads
  • Specialty, ethnic, and artisan breads
  • A wide range of cakes and tortes
  • Fillings, icings and glazes
  • Doughnuts and fritters
  • Hot and specialty plated desserts
  • Wedding cakes
  • Fruit desserts and custards
  • Frozen desserts, ice creams and sorbets
  • Chocolate and sugar products and garnishes
  • Decorative pastes and garnishes


Baker Program Outline

Training and Certification Pathways

The following options are available:

Typical Jobs and Salary Ranges

Sector Job / Title Salary Range
In-store Bakery Baker $11-$23 per hour
Hotel/Restaurant Pastry Cook (Patissier) / Baker $13-$18 per hour
Pastry Shop Pastry Cook (Patissier) / Baker $11-$18 per hour
Cake Shop Baker $11-$18 per hour
Full Line Bakery Baker $12-$20 per hour
Plant Bakery Baker / Mixer $12-$20 per hour
Bread Primary Bakery Baker $12-$18 per hour


Career Path

Baker Program Career Path


Bakers who have obtained a Red Seal Endorsement (RSE) can now identify their accreditation through the official use of the acronym, RSE. Click here for more information.


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