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emerit - Success Stories

When you invest your hard earned money for training, its important to have a good return on that investment. Here are success stories that demonstrate both the improvements that are possible in the skills of your employees and of your bottom line.

Certification Experiences From the Frontline 

There are many good business reasons to participate in the emerit certification program. The program creates consistency among staff, provides cost-effective workplace training and creates a positive and professional workplace.

In addition to these excellent reasons is an equally compelling one—employee confidence and pride. The following testimonials are from employees who not only improved their businesses bottom line, they improved their professionalism.


"This certification has helped to open doors to me that were previously unavailable. I now have the training to be seriously considered for more rewarding positions in my field. Thank you so much!"

Malinda Schenker
Certified Food & Beverage Server

"I had a great experience in the whole certification process. I learned a lot in the information you provided after I got evaluated. I feel more confident and professional in my career and I know that it will also help me in my future advancement. Thank you."

Anna Kit-Nga Yu
Certified Housekeeping/Room Attendant

Personal and Professional Development

"I have been in the tourism industry for 12 years as an over-the-road Tour Director. Even after all these years, by adding the education provided by studying the emerit manual for Tour Guides, writing the exam, and having the on-board-the-coach City Tour Evaluation, I found that there was new information to learn and use. By being Certified as a Tour Guide gives me added professionalism to myself and to my tours."

Linda Conacher
Certified Tour Guide

"Completing the certificate has made a difference at work. Not only am I certified, but I have the qualifications to continue this work. Begin certified is a great feeling."

Colleen McMurtrie
Certified Housekeeping/Room Attendant

"I am glad that I pursued my national certification as a Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor. After 20 years in this field it is rewarding to gain recognition of my skills and abilities. I found the process easy to follow and the staff at go2HR helpful."

Inge Wilson
Certified Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor  

"The industry evaluation was very much appreciated. It's hard to find someone who will be constructively critical of your service and tell you about it. I now know where some of my weaknesses lie and have something to work on, thanks."

Ronald Strand
Certified Food & Beverage Server

"The process for national emerit certification was very professional and well structured. This is a positive, great step in my professional development. I highly recommend national certification for people wanting to take their career in the tourism industry to the next level.”

Heather Kjarsgaard
Certified Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor


"The national certification was valuable to my experience as a tourism manager. The material was clearly laid out and offered direct linkage to my everyday tasks. I think this program would be ideal for my front line leaders as well."

Lynne Romano
Certified Supervisor

"The completion of the emerit Supervisor Certification has given me the ability to understand a greater variety of skills and concepts to use in my position. The knowledge that I have gained through the process, combined with the experiences I have had working in the tourism industry, have given me a strong foundation to build on to become the best manager I possibly can be."

Aaron Hesketh
Certified Supervisor


"Certification has given me a sense of pride and accomplishment. It gave me something to work towards, a goal to reach. It feels great that I can publicly pat myself on the back and demonstrate my professionalism - by way of the pin and certificate."

Carolyn Mulvaney
Certified Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor

"Certification has given me the information and confidence to do my job well. It has given me a sense of pride in my job and made others realize just how difficult and demanding being a food and beverage server can be."

Jessica Yuen
Certified Food & Beverage Server


"The entire process with help from go2HR was very enjoyable and convenient, considering my work schedule. Now that I am certified I have found many industry colleagues and clients acknowledging my accreditation."

Darren Dreger
Certified Special Events Co-ordinator

Program Ease

"Becoming nationally certified as a Tourism Information Counsellor was an excellent experience for me. The entire process was easy to follow with great help whenever I had a question and no matter how simple the question, the person on the other end was always friendly and helpful."

Hilary Schweitzer
Certified Tourism Visitor Information Counsellor

"The certification process was clearly laid out and easy to follow. What I appreciated the most was the flexible time frame. The staff were professional, helpful and made me feel my questions were important. It is really satisfying to have achieved this recognized level of accreditation!"

Ralph Forsyth
Certified Tourism Trainer

Participation in National Development

"When I started in this industry, my main concerns were: could I remember what our daily specials were and could I recite the right prices if asked? Well, unbeknownst to me there was a whole lot more to learn than I thought! Where to start? Every day was a jumble of new this and new that, which became very unnerving.

"Then one day someone told me about industry training. Thank heavens finally everything was put into perspective. When you don’t know where to start it's hard to begin learning, but I finally had my 'tool'! Everything I needed to know, from the basics right into the specifics. After I completed my first certification, it was so easy to walk up to customers and actually feel confident and reassured about what I could bring to their experience with me. Everyday became that much more fun, and talk about things going smoothly.

"Well, after a time, I figured why not try another certification. So I did, WOW! It’s hard to put into words how much someone can actually get out of this program. I was asked if I would like to help in updating the standards on the national level. What an experience. It was like refreshing my memory all over again. Meeting new people from the same industry and sharing experiences was awesome. Some asked me if all the time and effort I had put in was worthwhile to do not just one, but two certifications, my only answer was, I had nothing to lose, but I now know what I wouldn’t have had to gain. I can’t wait for my next one!”

Janelle Pietrasz
Certified Bartender and Food & Beverage Server

"I was honoured when I was asked to participate in the pilot Casino Slot Attendant certification process. It was a great opportunity to be recognized for what I try to attain everyday—outstanding customer service to our patrons. Now that I have achieved certification I realize what an incredible advantage it is to have it. It not only shows that you maintain professionalism and follow proper procedure, it will show potential employers in the future that you possess the skills needed to provide impeccable customer service to their clients. I believe that the nationally recognized certification process will benefit both employees and employers in developing further guidelines and continually improving standards of customer service within the hospitality industry as it will encourage all parties to do the best job they possibly can."

Jennifer Springer
Certified Casino Slot Attendant

Janelle participated in reviewing the bartender and food and beverage server standards and certification process and Jennifer was involved with piloting the exam and recognition process for Casino Slot Attendant certification. go2HR is always looking for industry to represent BC on national development and review projects. Please contact Emerit at go2HR via the online form.

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