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What's Available in Tourism for High School Students?

High school students who are interested in a career in tourism don’t have to wait for graduation to get started on their career. A number of programs let students get an early start or simply explore tourism careers:

  • The Tourism Career Awareness Program (TCAP) provides senior secondary students with an inside look at careers in tourism, with presentations by tourism professionals.

  • Youth Work in Trades lets students begin the work-based training component of an apprenticeship program while still in high school. Students ‘earn while they learn’ getting dual credits toward both their high school diploma and apprenticeship on-the-job training.

  • Youth Train in Trades allows high school students to take the first level technical – or classroom – component of an apprenticeship program. Once a student has successfully completed a program they will receive credit for the first level of the classroom component of the industry training – or trade – program and graduation course credits.

  • The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT) introduces and promotes careers in tourism to high school students across Canada and is integrated into the current high school curriculum, allowing students to specialize in tourism through a successful work and study approach.

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