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Meatcutter Program

Meatcutters can choose to work in a meat processing plant, a meat wholesaler or in a variety of retail establishments, including large supermarkets, small specialty grocery or small meat and fish stores. This is also an occupation with great entrepreneurial potential – custom cutting, curing and sausage making and specialized retail store. With the growing “educated consumer” trend more emphasis on cooking knowledge and where the animal was raised, what it was fed and how it was grown is desirable.

Skill Profile

Workplace Skills:

  • Professionalism: personal hygiene, teamwork, and communication
  • Workplace safety and food safety
  • Using tools and equipment
  • Trade mathematics: weights & measures, costing & pricing, and shrink & volumes
  • Meat science, and nutrition
  • Knife skills
  • CFIA nomenclature
  • Cost controls: storage, production,  inventory, and sales
  • Retail packaging, labeling, and displaying
  • Retail merchandizing
  • Customer service and relations
  • Setting and following production speed and efficiency
  • Ordering and inventory procedures
  • Point of sale knowledge: cooking, carving, holding, and handling

Products you can produce:

  • Breaking carcass meats into primal and sub-primal cuts
  • Cut and process a wide variety of meat poultry and game
  • Cut retail and specialty cuts of meat, poultry and game
  • Cut and portion retail and specialty cuts of fish and seafood
  • Prepare fresh & processed meats (sausage)
  • Prepare basic value-add meat products


Meatcutter Program Outline

Training and Certification Pathways

The following options are available:

Typical Jobs and Salary Ranges

Sector Job / Title Salary Range
Supermarket/Grocery Store Meatcutter $14-$27 per hour
Small Meat Shop Meatcutter $15-$30 per hour
Wholesaler Meatcutter $14-$23 per hour
Meat Processing Plant Meatcutter $15-$20 per hour
Abattoir Meatcutter / Butcher $15-$30 per hour


Career Path

Meatcutter Program Career Path


ITA - Meatcutter
The Who and What of Apprenticeship
Apprentice's Role and Responsibilities

How to Challenge a Meatcutter Credential

Exam and Assessment Information:
ITA Exam Information and Forms
Meatcutter Written Exam Information

Special Order: Meatcutter Training in Demand
Custom Cut: Today’s Meatcutters Take the Trade to a New Level

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