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Responsible Beverage Service

With the implementation in 2010 of stringent new impaired-driving laws in BC, plus a heightened awareness among the public in general toward alcohol-fuelled accidents, greater responsibility is being placed on licensed establishments to be accountable for the actions of both their staff and their patrons.

When it comes to exercising duty of care, employers can manage their risk by putting in place and properly following a Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Program, including Serving It Right.

RBS programs aim to reduce alcohol-related problems. An effective approach involves the entire staff first working together to create and enforce the establishment's house policies. A complete and successful RBS program includes policies that will help prevent service to underage and intoxicated patrons, plus intervention techniques to help you manage your duty of care to patrons, other customers and the public.

It is only through proper and consistent implementation of house policies that you ensure responsible beverage service and shield your establishment from unwanted lawsuits.

Tools & Resources

go2HR and the industry have developed some tools and resources to help you implement a RBS program and reinforce the concept to your staff and patrons.

Serving It Right Logbook

Serving It Right Logbook

Why should you use the Serving It Right Logbook?

  • It helps you and your staff record and recall events that happen each day
  • It provides an accurate record of incidents that may form the backbone of a defence in the event of civil litigation
  • It is easy to use with pre-designed forms and checklists

What’s in the Logbook?

  • Daily communication log for each day between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31 (in 2 convenient easy to download/print files)
  • Detailed incident report forms
  • Guidelines and tips for how to use the Serving It Right logbook
  • Note: It is important to create a bound copy of this logbook as it will have more credibility in a court of law than one that is not bound.

Download Logbook

How to Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Concentration

These resources contain a chart that helps estimate blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

How to Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Concentration

Responsible Beverage Service Tip Sheets

The following tip sheets cover a number of key topics around responsible beverage service. Print them out and use them at staff meetings or post them in a staff room as a reminder.

How to Estimate Your Blood Alcohol Concentration

Do you have a unique RBS tool or program in place? We would love to hear about them! Email us and share your stories.

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