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SuperHost® Training Provider Requirements

Update: We have reached the capacity for SuperHost Training Providers in some BC regions and will advise you on application status upon receipt. Applications are being accepted from other jurisdictions.


SuperHost Training Providers must provide a suitable environment for hosting a face-to-face course, including:

  • Ample space, light and air quality for class size
  • Required technology (computer with Microsoft PowerPoint or compatible software, projector and screen or other large display, and internet access)
  • Ensuring each student has access to a computer or other internet-enabled device and internet access to complete their exam at the end of the course
  • Required instructional supplies (e.g. flip charts and/or white boards as per program guide)
  • Suitable safety and security provisions
  • Adequate washrooms


SuperHost Training Providers are responsible for the following administrative tasks:

  • Providing go2HR with training provider contact information for listing on go2HR’s website and tracking in go2HR’s learning management system (LMS) and accounting systems
  • Providing details of any and all public courses for approval and posting on go2HR website and tracking in go2HR’s LMS
  • Providing go2HR with details of any and all private courses for tracking in go2HR’s LMS
  • Coordinating delivery with a Certified SuperHost Instructor in good standing
  • Collecting registration information from students and submitting to go2HR in the prescribed format (i.e. a spreadsheet template as provided by go2HR)
  • Collecting payment from students and remitting the per student certification fee to go2HR for each student attending a SuperHost course.
  • Managing any student cancellations and refunds and notifying go2HR of any changes to the class list
  • Confirming student registration and instructor information is correct in go2HR’s LMS and that each student has their own active account prior to course start


SuperHost Training Providers are required to have the following in place with go2HR prior to commencing training:

  • A current, valid licensing agreement as a SuperHost Training Provider with go2HR
  • WorkSafeBC coverage and adequate insurance, or equivalent coverage and insurance under US Federal and State laws, or other local laws


SuperHost Training Providers will be licensed to use the SuperHost trademarks and logo in the following ways, with no other uses permitted without written approval from go2HR:

  • Use of logo and/or trademark on training provider’s website and other channels in conjunction with course listings and promotional material according to go2HR’s guidelines for trademark use and attribution
  • Production and distribution of marketing materials provided or approved by go2HR

Further information will be provided upon receipt of a completed SuperHost Training Provider application.


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