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SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality

Customer service skills are highly valued by employers, and continue to be among the top skills required in most workplaces.

SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality is a comprehensive, practical introduction to the principles of providing a quality service experience. Available online or in-class, this course is ideal for people who are either entering the workforce for the first time or after a significant break, or are fairly new at working in a front-line, customer-facing role.

The course will cover:

  • Basic customer service, communication and teamwork skills – some of the key 21st century skills
  • Relationships between service quality, customer experience, and business objectives
  • The importance of front-line employees in service sector businesses
  • Expectations from the point of view of customers, employers, and employees
  • Communication etiquette and best practices
  • Service recovery techniques
  • Metrics used to assess customer experience and service quality

Classroom Course

The Foundations of Service Quality classroom course is approximately 6 instructional hours long. The course includes fun, interactive activities and students will go home with ideas and skills that they can apply to their job right away.

The course materials and activities for Foundations of Service Quality are intended for individuals functioning at a solid level 2 or higher in their Essential Skills (250+ IRT Score), and require good command of the English language at Canadian Language Benchmarks Level 6, or higher.

Can’t find a classroom course in your community? Looking to arrange a private classroom training for your business? Contact one of our Training Providers.


Online Course


The online course is a great alternative for individuals living in areas where public SuperHost classroom courses may not be offered at a location or time accessible to them. It is also ideal for students who wish to learn at their own pace and in the convenience of their own home.

Over 6 modules, the Foundations of Service Quality online course takes the student through a customer’s journey with interactive activities and quizzes, illustrations of real-life situations and applications, videos and links to resources and notes. The online course costs $59.00.

The delivery of this course requires a high-speed internet connection and standards-compliant web browser in order to view animations and HD videos.


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