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Tidal Angling Guide Program

Tidal Angling Guides work with guests to plan fishing trips, and then lead and supervise all the activities on board the vessel, from targeting various species, seeing the local area, participating in sustainable fishing practices and arranging for appropriate care and transport of catch.  Tidal Angling Guides work in lodges or as independent charter operators in tidal waters.

The program covers all things that guides should know in order to prepare for and provide the guest with a fishing experience that recognizes the environment, sustainable practices, and is in accordance with all current regulations. The made-in-BC program is the first of its kind in North America. Experienced guides currently working in the sport fishing industry can now obtain a provincially-recognized certification of proficiency and professionalism. This program is a challenge program only, meaning that guides with previous experience in the industry must have their skills evaluated in order to become certified.

Skill Profile

Workplace Skills:

  • Apply basic marine first aid
  • Respond to marine emergencies
  • Operate a non-pleasure small vessel
  • Plan and execute a near coastal voyage
  • Operate maritime communications equipment
  • Communicate effectively with others
  • Work in a team
  • Deal with conflict situations
  • Develop and maintain tourism industry knowledge
  • Apply maritime regulations
  • Work safely in the maritime environment
  • Interact with coastal resource users
  • Interact with the coastal environment
  • Demonstrate stewardship of the coastal environment and fishery resources
  • Follow workplace catch handling and hygiene procedures
  • Use and maintain angling tools and equipment
  • Use sustainable angling techniques
  • Plan and conduct fishing trips


Tidal Angling Guide Occupational Performance Standards

Training and Certification Pathways

The following options are available:

Typical Jobs and Salary Ranges

Sector Job / Title Salary Range
Lodge Guide $20-$25 per hour plus room and board/tips
Charter Operator Guide $200-$250 per day plus tips


Career Path

Certified Tidal Angling Guide Career Path


ITA - Tidal Angling Guide
How to Challenge Tidal Angling Guide

CTAG a Financial Boon to Members
CTAG Certification Available in More Sport Fishing Communities

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