Winter is Coming, Which Means Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!

From mild to coastal to dry climates, we have a bit of everything weather-wise in BC. But the variety doesn’t end there – it extends beyond our climate to the multitude of winter tourism activities. We love skiing and snowboarding, but there’s also snowshoeing, bobsledding, fatbiking, and biathlon. For those preferring something a little less active, one can snowmobile to a hut for fondue, do some ice fishing, or enjoy a massage at a lodge while watching the snowscape outside. And let’s not forget, all these visitors need the warmth of a hotel and hot meals from restaurants in between their winter fun.

All these tourism operators need people to work for them in a diverse range of roles. Seasonal work can ladder into long-term roles across the province as more shoulder season and year-round opportunities are created. Are you up for the challenge?

At Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing, Bob Sayer has been making heli-skiing his career for the past thirty years. See how he got started in this occupation and what keeps him coming back!


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