Face your Fears this Hallowe'en – Get Out There & Network!

Why couldn't the skeleton attend the networking session?

He didn't have the stomach.

Would you rather speak to a stranger or walk through a graveyard at night? Many people find networking a scary thing to do. However, it doesn’t need to be; this skill takes practice and the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Be brave, break away from your friends, classmates or colleagues, just like they do in the horror movies – and go talk to someone you don't know in the room. We're certain they won't be as scary as Freddy, Jason or Chucky.

Building meaningful connections means they'll "know what you did last summer" and what your future goals are. Through patience, effort and time, you will see results as you advance in your career. Think of it like Trick-or-Treating, except instead of candy, you might get job offers!


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