Motivating Employees to Go Above and Beyond

Want to increase employee output and performance, or ensure team commitment to a new initiative? You can prompt workers to step up their efforts by using incentives. When you need to kick-start their level of enthusiasm or you require a truly exceptional effort, offering something beyond the ordinary can go a long way toward getting results.


What You Need to Know about Substance Use & Impairment

With legalization pending in October, you may have questions and concerns around the impact of marijuana on worker health and safety. WorkSafeBC has put together materials and resources dedicated to workplace impairment from substance use to provide information for employers and workers.

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Raise Your Restaurant's Reputation with SuperHost

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"The reality is that restaurant customer service can be as much of a part of daily operations as cooking and mixing drinks." Integrate SuperHost Foundations of Service Quality into your restaurant customer service training program to educate your employees on the importance of providing exceptional experiences – and wow your guests.

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Impacted by Wildfires? Steps to Get Your Business Back on Track

The devastation caused by wildfires is well documented, with forests destroyed, communities evacuated and businesses forced to shut down temporarily and perhaps even permanently as a result. Here are some steps that businesses can take to prepare for wildfires and get back up and running once the final flames have subsided.

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Talk about Kitchen Safety with your Staff

More than 60% of injuries in food service involve kitchen workers. Commercial kitchens operate at a fast pace, with multiple hazards and a steady stream of new employees, who might not speak up if they don’t know how to do something as not to let their boss or colleagues down. Keep your staff informed and communicate kitchen safety.

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