The Business Case for Hiring People with Physical Disabilities

September is Disability Employment Month – do you currently hire people with disabilities in your business? If not, you’re missing out! Find out why it’s important for you to consider tapping into this non-traditional labour market.



Training Employees with Disabilities

How do you ensure your workplace is inclusive? One idea is to create or adapt your training programs to accommodate employees with disabilities, giving them the support they need to do their jobs. See how Vancouver Airport Authority (YVR)'s co-operative education program gave a visually-impaired student the opportunity to become a full-time employee.

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Untapped labour market: People with Developmental Disabilities

One skilled and viable – yet often overlooked – labour group consists of those with developmental disabilities. By tapping into this under-utilized labour pool, employers could see a significant return on investment (ROI) in terms of employee retention, decreased turnover, lowering recruitment and training costs, and other bottom-line benefits.

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Steps to Integrate People with Disabilities into Your Workplace

Have questions about how best to accommodate people with disabilities? What might they need to do their jobs as effectively as possible? Look beyond obligatory compliance: through openness, communications and a willingness to be flexible, you can create a workplace that’s genuinely welcoming and inclusive to everyone, resulting in improved morale, higher productivity, reduced turnover and other bottom-line benefits.

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Get a Handle on Workplace Stress

A healthy workplace strives to promote the well-being of its employees and to protect them from psychological harm, including stress. Learn more about recognizing stress and developing a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.

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