Are you ready when the economy restarts?

Businesses are preparing for the day when they can open their doors again and resume their operation after COVID-19. Are you prepared? Are your skills up-to-date to create a competitive advantage in your job search or provide you with the tools to do your current job really well?

You can upgrade your skills and knowledge without ever leaving your couch with online and distance learning courses like SuperHost, Foundations of Workplace Safety, and FOODSAFE by Distance Education. With up-to-date, engaging content you will stay occupied and expand your skillset for when it’s time to get back to the front lines.

For a limited time only, we are offering 20% off SuperHost online courses, including Foundations of Service Quality and Service For All.


We understand that many of you are out of work or your hours are reduced significantly during this COVID-19 crisis. Therefore, we have partnered with other sectors to bring you job opportunities to make sure your livelihood is not disrupted. We invited sectors such as retail, agriculture and healthcare to use our job board and we have a large number of new postings on our site. For example, the healthcare sector, including private care homes and senior residences, are looking for front desk, servers, kitchen staff and housekeepers. These opportunities will be a perfect temporary solution as our tourism & hospitality industry works hard to return to normal operation.

Keep checking back as more employers come on board and post jobs. And don’t forget, tourism is still hiring as our employers plan ahead for better days. We have already seen an increase in tourism postings! Visit the Job Board.

In addition to adding new sectors to our job board, we would as well like to support the many non-profit housing organizations in BC who are urgently looking for staff to keep essential services running.

The Housing Job Match website will connect British Columbians looking for work with the non-profit housing and shelter organizations that need their help now more than ever.


Transferable Skills: Selling the Skills You Didn’t Know You Had

WHAT ARE TRANSFERABLE SKILLS? Simply put, they are skills you have acquired during any activity in your life—jobs, schooling, projects, parenting, hobbies, sports, virtually anything—that are transferable and applicable to what you want to do in your next job. Although you may not have done exactly the same job as the one you are applying for, you may have acquired the transferable skills to successfully perform the job. As someone that either has no work experience or not worked in a while, this concept is very important to consider when putting together resumes and cover letters, introducing yourself to employers. As a job seeker, you must understand the nature of the work and then review all of your prior experiences to pull out transferable skills to demonstrate your ability to do the job.


BC Hospitality Foundation Presents Hospitality Hustle on May 31

British Columbia virtual event in solidarity with hospitality industry workers promoting the importance of mental and physical health!

For more information and to register for FREE, please visit the BC Hospitality Foundation website.

Essential Job Training:

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